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NOOR is the concrete answer to all sanitation needs, from the home to the workplace, the perfect match between necessity and safety thanks to the use of UV-C. It specializes in the production of UV-C LED sanitizing lamps, which are mercury-free – highly polluting – and which do not generate ozone, which is equally harmful to humans. UV-C rays are natural resources since they are generated by the sun, they are part of the band of light emitted with a wavelength from 100 to 280 nm, also known as ultraviolet rays. The germicidal properties of UV-C rays are able to deactivate the DNA of bacteria, viruses, allergens and other pathogens, inhibiting their ability to reproduce. Sanitization using UV-C rays therefore involves the elimination of 99% of bacteria and the consequent protection of the individual and the surrounding environment, without creating resistance, unlike chemical agents.

"We have created a scientific committee to follow up on global demands for sanitation and safety."

NOOR is also an ecological choice: 100% of the materials used are recyclable and respect the environment: the structures are in aluminum, the packaging is all in cardboard and the mercury-free LED lights are made only with natural materials and are able to guarantee more than 90,000 hours of use.


In an increasingly small and connected world, where billions of people move daily, NOOR intends to sanitize environments, things and people constantly and without the use of any chemical product – from all the bacteria and viruses present in the air. or on surfaces – creating germicidal UV-C LEDs of a new generation, with direct irradiation of things and people and which, unlike all those produced today, do not use mercury or generate ozone and which, above all, do not cause, constitute or represent no danger to all living beings. Products and technology that NOOR is developing and patenting, and which it intends to make available to all countries of the world to prevent, avoid or contain the increasingly frequent pandemics.

  • 0 employees including internal experts and researchers
  • 0% R&D investments
  • 0% deactivation of viruses and bacteria


NOOR provides the skills of the best technicians and the experience of years of research to best meet the need for security in every place. It offers tailor-made products designed specifically for the needs of each request, offering multiple retail solutions. Our mission leads us to collaborate with the largest universities, research institutes and companies in order to combine the versatility of disinfection applications with the professionalism of our collaborators. All for a peaceful and safe future.

TRANSPORT (cars, shipping, airports, buses, trains, ships)
SPORT & EVENTS (football, basketball, volleyball, tennis)
AIR TREATMENT (ventilation systems, designers and plant engineers)

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  • simplifies the prevention and containment of bacterial and viral loads
  • improves indoor air quality
  • eliminates odors
  • guarantees healthy and microbiologically safe working environments
  • simplifies compliance with the rules contained in Legislative Decree 81/2008
  • insures against possible fines and prison sentences
  • guarantees healthy and microbiologically safe working environments
  • reduces the use of chemical detergents
  • helps save time and money for cleaning

The difference is not always clear to everyone, let’s try to deepen:

  • “Clean” is when “dirt” is removed from a surface. However, it does not mean acting on viruses, fungi and bacteria
  • “Disinfection” means destroying or inactivating viruses and bacteria from surfaces, through the application of disinfectant agents that are able to reduce the microbiological load. They are almost always chemical or physical agents (such as UV rays).
  • “Sanitation” is an intervention based on the use of chemical detergents which is aimed at eliminating contaminants that simple cleaning is not able to remove
  • «Sterilization» is a treatment which consists in the destruction of microorganisms causing the lethal alteration of some of their essential components. It is possible to sterilize through different physical processes (with fire, dry heat, at least 160 ° or humid heat at over 100 ° and strong pressure at 760 mmHg) or chemical processes (precisely UV rays – if correctly used they give close results to sterilization – Beta or Gamma rays and microwaves).

When irradiated with the use of UV-C, a strong reduction of microbes present in the air of the rooms and on surfaces is obtained. Thanks to our products, a 99% reduction of Bacillus, Coli, Clostridium, Legionella, Vibrio, Salmonella, Listeria, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus bacteria is obtained in a few minutes seconds. This feature allows you to intervene even on areas otherwise unreachable by solid bodies such as objects and hidden areas of floors, various surfaces and furniture. Even where the use of chemical disinfectants is mandatory, irradiating the surfaces avoids shadow areas, does not generate resistant species and can be used at any time, avoiding rapid recontamination of the surfaces and always keeping the latter in optimal conditions from a microbiological point of view.

Various bodies and organizations of global standing, such as WHO, EPA, CDC, ASHRAE and many others recommend the use of UV-C rays for the disinfection of water, environments and air conditioning systems.

There is no single value. The exposure time depends on the power of the UVC source and proximity to the source. Furthermore, each bacterium and each virus needs a different UV-C dose for its inactivation or elimination. There are studies and documents recognized worldwide that report these values. NOOR, with its team of experts, is able to provide the correct answer for every single need.

We have tested our products and had the surfaces analyzed before and after their use and through the microbiological analysis it was possible to find an efficacy of deactivation of viruses and bacteria equal to 99.7%. The data was validated by the Sacco Hospital in Milan.

In general, UV-C rays can be dangerous to humans if used incorrectly or through the use of unsafe and certified equipment. For this reason, we always recommend relying on the NOOR team of experts and not buying non-certified products, as the ISS itself has recommended


Thanks to the collaboration with the most illustrious foreign universities and state-of-the-art institutes known all over the world, we have obtained certificates that allow us to guarantee the extreme effectiveness of our method and our cutting-edge UV-C products for the treatment of air and for the sanitation of environments. Contact us to have tests at our headquarters and discover the quality of NOOR products.