To guarantee the high quality level of the sanitation services provided, we have obtained the Certification which certifies the compliance of our System with the UNI EN that certifies the compliance of our system with EN/ISO, as shown in the attached documents. Security for your company and peace of mind for every employee With Legislative Decree 81/2008, the legislator has identified everything that needs to be done in terms of prevention and protection of the health of workers in every workplace, including the obligations and sanctions against companies, employers and workers. in case of non-compliance with the rules. The rules contained in Legislative Decree 81/2008 – Consolidated Law on health and safety in the workplace – concern all companies regardless of type, sector of activity, and risk classification. Activities without workers or with the sole worker in the person of the employer are an exception. The challenge facing the team of professionals today is to accompany Italian companies on their recovery path in total safety and compliance.  Our company aims to:

  • apply the principles of good microbiological practice
  • adopt hygienic measures to prevent and minimize the accidental spread of a biological agent in both domestic and business conditions
  • adopt both individual and collective protection measures in order to live our daily lives in total serenity

Why sanitize your work environment through UV-C

  • simplifies the prevention and containment of bacterial and viral loads
  • improves indoor air quality
  • eliminates odors
  • guarantees healthy and microbiologically safe working environments
  • simplifies compliance with the rules contained in Legislative Decree 81/2008
  • insures against possible fines and prison sentences
  • guarantees healthy and microbiologically safe working environments
  • reduces the use of chemical detergents
  • helps save time and money for cleaning Thanks to the collaboration with the most illustrious foreign universities and state-of-the-art institutes known all over the world, we have obtained certificates that allow us to guarantee the extreme effectiveness of our method and our cutting-edge UV-C products for the treatment of air and for the sanitation of environments.



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