Interview with Giuliano Regonesi

24 June 2021

Giuliano Regonesi (Noor Technology): “UV-C technology for effective and efficient elimination of viruses and bacteria”. Experience in the family business, a leader in the production of steel foundations, combined with a passion for research and innovation are the keys to the success of the Bergamo entrepreneur’s new venture. Read the articles and watch the interview […]


NOOR in partnership with Istanbul University

01 June 2021

Like many other Italian companies of excellence, Noor Teknoloji, an Italian-Turkish company with an international outlook, is little known to the general public, at least not as much as it deserves to be. Its flagship product is the steril tube, the tube that sanitises the air and reduces the risk of contagion, a tool considered […]


NOOR lands in Australia.

11 May 2021

SterilTube Enters Australia to Combat In-Room Airborne Virus SterilTube uses a safe UV-C light and airflow strategy to deactivate 99% of virus, bacteria, mould, dust mites Press Release, May 07, 2021, Perth, Australia: Imagine Solutions Pty Ltd operating under the Registered Business name of SterilTube Australia, has announced it has the rights to sell the […]


Article in “Corriere dell’Economia”.

23 April 2021

Regonesi (Noor Technology): ‘Steril Tube in every classroom, Italian-Turkish technology to get back to school’ Bringing all students back to class, including high school students who have only attended classes for a few months in the last two years, is a priority, but the controversy that has emerged in recent days shows how complex this […]


“Safe at school by sanitising the air with UV-C radiation”

Regonesi (Noor Technology): ‘Safe at school by sanitising the air with UV-C rays’. Bringing all students back to class, including high school students who have only attended classes for a few months in the last two school years, is a priority, but the controversy that has emerged in recent days highlights how complex this is […]


Ansa speaks of Noor

04 April 2021

Regonesi, Noor Technology: “Steril Tube, the tube that sanitizes the air and reduces the risk of contagion” Sanitize an entire environment from the presence of any virus or bacterium by placing a design object, elegant and not cluttered. It is the solution to the spread of Covid 19, and in general of all viruses and […]



25 March 2021

Low pressure, high output; amalgam, medium pressure, with ozone, without ozone, but also UV-C LED. Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion and misinformation in the Ultraviolet disinfection sector. The misuse of terms such as “UV sterilization”, the attribution of “magical” disinfection capabilities of UV–A wavelengths (of which there is no solid scientific evidence), the disparaging texts on this […]


The tools for room disinfection

15 March 2021

UV light is a reliable and well-researched antimicrobial technology. It mainly works by destroying the DNA inside bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The high-energy portion of the UV spectrum called UV-C is the most effective (200-280 nm). UV-C light has been used for decades to disinfect industrial surfaces and disinfect drinking water. This is the beginning […]


Protected from the virus thanks to NOOR UV lamps

04 March 2021

The Daily Newspaper “Repubblica” dedicates an article to the company and its flagship product: the Steril Tube lamp. Continuous research is one of the peculiarities of the company, in fact since its inception Noor Teknoloji has focused mainly on scientific activity and production. Twelve patents are on the way in less than a year, and […]


Donation to Yeşilköy Hospital Prof. Dr. Murat Dilmener Emergency Hospital in Istanbul.

19 February 2021

The Bergamo-based entrepreneur Giuliano Regonesi, CEO of NOOR, donated a Steril Tube lamp to the hospital “Yeşilköy Prof. Dr. Murat Dilmener Emergency Hospital” in Istanbul, where the company is based. The hospital is named after Murat Dilmener (1942 2020), doctor and former professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Cerrahpaşa University in Istanbul, who died as […]


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