“Deep ultraviolet light UVC” and “Upper room air disinfection”: the two books about UVC written by Giuliano Regonesi


Giuliano Regonesi, the founder of the company, has published two books on the functioning and effectiveness of using the deep ultraviolet light of UVC rays in the disinfection of environments.

Deep ultraviolet light UVC

UV (ultraviolet) light refers to the region of electromagnetic spectrum between visible light and X-Rays, with a wavelength falling between 400 and 10 nanometers. Discovered by Johann Wilhelm Ritter, in 1801, from old times peoples understood that sunlight provides visibility, warmth, health and vitality. And now UVC could be the best weapon against the airborne virus (like tuberculosis, CoVid, MRSA, etc).

Upper room air disinfection

Nowadays, we are facing one of the most challenging times in our modern history. And it will not be the last challenge. But the prospect that others will follow this virus is almost certain.

One of the solutions is to implement air disinfection inside our buildings, because indoor environments are prone to create an outbreak since aerosols are easily transmitted in such environments. Now, a recently studies suggests that upper-room UVGI is the most effective way of air disinfection in a room.

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